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Wilmington Document Scanning Services

Scan your documents in Wilmington

We understand that every client is unique. As we approach your job, we individually craft our Wilmington document scanning services to match your specific imaging needs.  We are not interested in  force-fitting your job into a standardized framework.

Our Wilmington document scanning services include everything from paper scanning to microfiche and microfilm conversion to large-format scanning.  We have a first-class facility in Wilmington, and mobile equipment that can be brought on-site to your business.

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Wilmington Document Scanning

Documents come in thousands of varieties and we have experience in all types.  We can scan documents from credit card receipts to full-size architectural drawings.  We have experience with a variety of paper as well, including tissue paper, color copies and double-sided documents.

Micrographics Migration to Digital Formats

When you are converting microfilm to a new digital format, you need expert care and handling. Our experienced staff has handled hundreds of millions of microfilm images. When necessary, our processing laboratory personnel will evaluate microfilm flaws and recommend procedures to enhance the film before scanning. 

  • Microfiche scanning: MicroFiche formats are notoriously difficult to work with.  We use a pre-scanned image to evaluate the precise location of images prior to microfiche scanning. These documents are scanned concurrently to minimize client turnaround time.
  • Microfilm scanning: Our high speed film scanning equipment converts both 16mm and 35mm film. We can handle a wide spectrum of film reduction ratios. Our scanners are equipped with sophisticated image enhancement software that produces the highest possible quality electronic images.

Engineering Drawing Scanning

Our scanning and conversion services for drawings include blueprints, mylars, and drawings spanning “A” to “J” sizes. Although most clients request TIFF or Adobe PDF images, output is available in a variety of formats, including DWG, CALS and JEDMICS.

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Wilmington Scanning and Imaging offers secure records storage and record retrieval services throughout Delaware. To get free quotes for your project, fill out the form to your left, or give us a call at (302) 450-1889 today.

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